Monday, May 7, 2012

How To Clean Stained Jerseys

This guide will help remove stains from any white part of a jersey:
  1. Lay fabric on a white dry towel.
  2. Wet stain.
  3. Add bleach solution with a Q-tip to stain. Add enough to cover stain.
  4. Accelerate the chemical action by dipping Q-tip in hot water and then touch stained area.
  5. Put Q-tip in ammonia and again touch stained area.
  6. Again use Q-tip with hot water to accelerate chemical action.
  7. Dab area with cool water.
  8. Dab with vinegar to neutralize area.
  9. Use different Q-tips for each part of the spotting operation. Do not mix different chemicals on the same Q-tip.
Be safe and this should work.

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