Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rajan's Mock Draft

1. Carolina: Cam Newton:
Carolina will only leave Newton if they think he won't come back to haunt them, and if they are in their right minds and not the same Portland people who picked Bowie over MJ they will realize he will.

 2. Denver: Marcell Dareus
Marcell Dareus is too strong of a force for the Denver Broncos to pass on, especially since Jamal Williams slowed down. With Dareus Williams will have less work and the team will have a better chance at stopping runs and getting to quarterbacks.

3. Buffalo: Blaine Gabbert:
Buffalo has an average potential under average quarterback. They need Gabbert who will help them and help Steve Johnson and the rest of there offense create.

4. Cincinatti: Von Miller:
Von Miller is the best linebacker prospect since Patrick Willis. If Cinci gets Von Miller he will beef their defense up and help Dhani Jones stop opponents.

5. Arizona: Patrick Peterson:
Arizona drafting Peterson will give their defense and special teams huge boost and maybe even create a corner back tandem worthy of being on an NFL network countdown in a couple of years, your saying the fastest corner in the NFL Rodgers-Cromartie and Peterson won't tear teams to shreds? Peterson also has a Deion Sanders style of play, I'm not saying he will be as good as Deion but he is out of that mold.

6. Cleveland: Julio Jones: 
More than one report says that the Browns have Julio ranked higher than AJ. If the Browns take Julio they give Colt McCoy a great target who has amazing range and also take coverage of Josh Cribbs helping their offense equal out.

7. San Francisco: AJ Green:
San Francisco could use a corner, but the best receiver in the class cannot be passed up. AJ Green may even take Crabtree's job as the number one receiver. 

8. Tennessee : Nick Fairley:
Tennessee has a habit of drafting players with attitude/overconfidence issues, but this one has great talent and potential.

9. Dallas: Da'Quan Bowers:
Dallas needs a Defensive lineman because theirs are average and under, and many are becoming free agents.

10. Washington: Jake Locker;
Washington needs a Quarterback that they can shape for their team and Jake Locker has talent and will work with their scheme.

11. Houston: Robert Quinn:
Robert Quinn is top-10 talent who will work perfectly with Mario Williams, Quinn and Williams will become one of the top pass rushing teams in the NFL.

12: Minnesota : Ryan Mallet
Many predict Minnesota to pick up a defensive end but I think they go with a great talent like Ryan Mallet, Its a long shot but Mallet's arm and accuracy should help and the way they built their offense around Brett Favre they obviously don't need a scrambler.

13.Detroit: Tyron Smith:
Smith should protect Stafford better than he was before. Smith has quick feet and can be played almost anywhere on the line.

14: St.Louis : Aldon Smith:
Chris Long was incredible this season but they need someone to go across from him and make sure teams cover both sides properly.

15: Miami: Mark Ingram:
Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are old,Mark Ingram is no doubt the best running back in the draft and he would up there running game taking pressure of their passing game.

16: Jacksonville: Ryan Kerrigan:
Kerrigan is a great leader, with a smart attitude and an ongoing battery.

17: New England: Gabe Carimi:
Carimi would be a perfect fit for the Pats which also makes me doubt it.

18: San Diego : Cameron Jordan:
Jordan is a little lower here, especially since he is arguably the best talent on the D-line this year and the Bolts have a declining line and need help.

19: New York : Anthony Castonzo:
Castonzo and Coughlin get along, have BC ties and the Giants need help on the left side.

20: Tampa : Adrian Clayborn:
Clayborn and McCoy will grow into an amazing pair and his attitude fits the Tampa mentality perfectly.

21: Kansas City : Muhammed Wilkerson:
Wilkerson can stop the run, which is exactly what Kansas needs.

22: Indianapolis: Nate Solder:
Indy needs a new line, the amazing line that once was vanished and they left shitty zombie lookalikes in their places, with help on the line Manning will be able to throw again and with proper blocking Addai might get his magic  back.

23: Philadalphia : Derrick Sherrod:
Sherrod is the perfect pick for Philly he fits their scheme better than anyone, other than Gabe Carimi Sherrod is the best possible pick for Philly.

24: New Orleans : Brooks Reed:
The Saints had their eyes on Jerry Hughes last year but the Colt snatched him up before they had the chance and Reed is eerily similar to Hughes except Reed is a little weaker but more explosive, he seems to have Clay Mathews explosiveness and we all know how much that helps in the NFL.

25: Seattle : Jimmy Smith
Seattle always seems to botch picks, hopefully this year they do the right thing and draft a corner, someone like Smith or Brandon Harris, Smith would help their pass defense immensely and if they can snatch Harris in the second round they will have a future.

26: Baltimore : Torrey Smith:
The Ravens could use another receiver to stretch the field and adding Torrey Smith to a team with Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason would be the Steelers and anyone else's nightmare.

27: Atlanta : Justin Houston:
Atlanta needs a pass rusher and Houston can do it, His combine was excellent and Abraham is aging.

28: New England : Cameron Heyward:
With their second pick in the draft I predict the pats target a pass rusher to strengthen their defense.

29: Chicago : Cory Liuget:
Liuget should not get here but many teams will pass and his talents are amazing, Chicago can't upgrade their line because the first round prospects will be gone and they can't pass up a bargain like this, If Liuget is gone they may pick Stephen Paea or Brandon Harris.

30:h New York : Akeem Ayers:
Akeem Ayers should not be this low, but he probably will be. New England may take him but I think he will be best for New York, He will be Rex' new toy and an amazing player whether hes dropping back or rushing the passer.

31: Pittsburgh: Mike Pouncey:
Mike is said to be just as good as Maurkice and the Steelers are facing Indy like line problems which make this the perfect selection. The thing about perfect selections is they don't actually happen very much.

32: Green Bay: JacQuizz Rodgers:
The Green Bay running game needs allot of work! Quizz is just the thing to beef it up. Standing at 5'5'' 7/8ths his size is a concern to many teams, but his talent is amazing! He is the most agile prospect I have ever seen, He exploded around the cones in every drill at the combine and had an amazing burst for the first ten yards of the 40 yard draft. He could use some work on his breakaway speed but Quizz has roughly 900 carries and is among the best college running backs. Quizz and Green Bay are also an amazing pair, Green Bay runs well with crappy backs so adding Quizz would give their offense that 3rd dimension and maybe help them win another Superbowl. By the way if someone can make you miss don't call him too small. P.S. If Quizz had another offensive threat or passer or an offensive line with even average talent he would have averaged at least the same amount as LMJ.

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